First Week

So my first week in the city has nearly come to an end. For those of you not in the loop,–I don’t know why you’d be reading this if you’re not in the loop…–I just got married and moved to the lovely city of San Francisco where Chip, my new husband, has been living since last October.

That’s us at our wedding reception. Yay for kissing in front of outdoor water features!

Anyway, Chip’s quite accustomed to the city, and I’m floundering around trying to figure things out (with his help, of course). I’ve explored a bit. Wednesday I walked all the way up Van Ness till I got to the water and then walked out onto Municipal Pier:

On this particular day, I got a ghostly view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Yesterday (Thursday) I decided to fill my time with some volunteering, so I helped unload and load donated books for the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library (shout out to Val). Apparently they have this huge used book sale in September in Fort Mason–the largest used book sale on the West Coast. They’re also having a Latino Poetry Festival next week that I think I’ll check out (and maybe volunteer for).

Today I have an interview, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m really looking forward to it, even though it doesn’t mean they’re going to hand me a job. It’ll just be great to see how another independent high school works in the city. It’s also in a beautiful location with a great view of the Marina.

I went to my first Community Group last night. A Community Group is basically a small group Bible study (organized by our church, City Church) which is organized according to neighborhood. Chip leads the discussion and people take turns providing dinner. Chip volunteered us last night, so it was good practice for me (thankfully, I’ve had some experience cooking for groups with Friday night Bible study in Syracuse). I made a slow cooker lasagna that turned out really well, especially since I was gone most of the day with the library folks. For those of you who might be interested, here’s a link to the recipe: .

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