table eatin’s fer city folk.

the exciting news at the hardeman household is that we ate at a table last night! no, san francisco doesn’t have a shortage of table-chair combinations, just our apartment. however, because we shopped till we dropped at target, ikea, and world market last weekend, we now have two–count ’em, TWO–tables (with chairs) at which we can eat our dinners. this is exciting because we’ve had one of the tables for quite some time. it’s a little blue–what i like to call “breakfast nook”–table in our bedroom. that’s where we had dinner last night and it was glorious. the sweet tea i made earlier in the day topped off the excitement.

other excitement involes all of the kitchen, bath, and general living things that we got, putting our gift cards to good use (thanks, everybody!). oh, and i can make coffee this morning because chip’s mom mailed us the french press that was given to us as a wedding gift. it just keeps getting better and better…

and the really awesome thing happening today? jordan (former neighbor of mine and the road trip king this summer) should be arriving this afternoon/evening! he’ll be here all day tomorrow to check out the city, so i’ll get to do some more exploring with him. yay!

it seems that my body knows when there is coffee to be made.

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