I know what you’re wondering:

How did Bethy’s no-TV-watching and bikram-yoga month going?

Well, the former went pretty great. The latter? Not so great.

It was pretty easy to avoid watching television. Partially because October was a busy month, and partially because I quickly substituted other means of entertainment (This American Life, music, etc.).

I did break once. It was the night after my scooter accident. I stayed home and elevated my leg while the husband went out with our neighbors. It was the wise choice, but to make myself feel better about not being included in the fun, I caught up on some mindless TV watching.

I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me.

But, other than that, I stayed strong.

As for the Bikram yoga: I had a few potholes get in the way. First, there was the marathon. I felt inclined to give my body a week’s worth of rest after my thrilling finish.

Second, the scooter accident. For those who haven’t heard, no, I wasn’t badly hurt and neither was Reba (our scoot). I got into a fight with a slick-from-fresh-rain MUNI rail and MUNI won. I bruised up my knee and hip badly enough to cause a limp for about a week, meaning I had another week out of commission from yoga.

But I haven’t given up. My groupon expires in December, so I have another month to give Bikram a shot, but the knee’s still healing, so I’ll have to do some modified moves.

And what am I giving up and taking on for the month of November? I’m not quite sure yet. I have a few ideas swirling around in my head, but November kind of crept up on me and, I’ll admit, I wasn’t prepared.

I’ll make a decision by tomorrow. I promise. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

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3 Responses to I know what you’re wondering:

  1. stephie says:

    give up meat for a month and take up couponing. then we can compare recipes and deals. i love you!

  2. stephie says:

    oh, totally. i should say give up factory farmed meat. we’re definitely having turkey on thanksgiving.

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