Barefoot December: Initial Observations

Yesterday I set out on my first “barefoot run” of the month. I shoved my feet into my Vibram FiveFingers (really, it is kind of a shoving action), grabbed my iPod for some musical company and started up Leavenworth Street to conquer Nob Hill. Here are my observations.

  • People in Nob Hill need to clean up after their dogs. I mean, I look where I’m going, but the idea of stepping in dog poo in my Vibrams grosses me out so much more then when I’m wearing my regular running shoes.
  • You have to pick up your feet more purposefully when barefoot running (see photo).
  • It takes a while for it to feel natural. And doesn’t that seem strange? Since we’re born barefoot?
  • I ran about 2 miles, and my calves don’t hurt nearly as much this time as they did the first time I tried barefoot running. I think it’s because this time I was striking more flat-footed than with my forefoot.
  • Running in my Vibrams means no Nike+ Sportband, my running companion for nearly a year. It means I don’t look down at my wrist every few minutes to check my pace. So, that’s kind nice for a change.
  • I think I had other observations, but I’m simply too sleepy to remember them at this point.

    Damaged shoes. Please note the hole caused by nearly tripping over myself mid-gait cycle.

Running soundtrack: Phoenix and Ra Ra Riot

Update soon on the whole “no complaining” thing. I’ll say this: it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.

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