On Complaining


It’s nearly halfway through the month, and I’ve yet to blog about complaining. This month the plan was to not complain. In a word, it’s been hard. Either I have had more to complain about, or I just never realized how much I do complain. Ugh. I could make a list of the things I’ve been tempted to complain about (occasionally giving into that temptation… oops), but I think doing that would just make me want to complain. See the vicious cycle yet?

The point is that it’s been a challenge. A big one. But I’m making progress, I think. Either way, I’m much more conscious of it. And I’ll keep working on it. We have a trip to Guatemala coming up for Christmas, and trips always mean lots to complain about (well, at least the packing and getting to the final destination part), so here’s hoping I can put all this practice to good use.

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