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On Complaining

It’s nearly halfway through the month, and I’ve yet to blog about complaining. This month the plan was to not complain. In a word, it’s been hard. Either I have had more to complain about, or I just never realized … Continue reading

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“I run for podcasts.”

Ok, maybe not FOR podcasts, but they certainly make my longer runs more tolerable. Don’t worry, I do plenty of runs sans the iPod, but sometimes I just need that extra something to get me going and keep me entertained. … Continue reading

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Blogs Past

I’ve kept a blog for a while now.  I still have posts saved from 2002, though I’m sure I started blogging before then.  I’ve kept a journal since maybe the first grade–when the big news was the Father’s Day pancakes … Continue reading

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Things That Did or Did Not Happen This Memorial Day Weekend.

1. Chip and I took the scooter to La Boulange de Polk for brunch.  Brunch is better when you scoot there. 2. Rode a bike for the first time in years.  Liked it enough to get a helmet (see mom, … Continue reading

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“The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

I haven’t quit the blog.  Not yet, anyhow.  I have been trying–off and on–to find something to blog about.  I asked myself, ‘What are the things that are constantly forcing me to improve?’  Though many hobbies and talents instantly popped … Continue reading

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“Female CEOs should spend their youth breeding leaders, not babies.”

This was a Facebook status update in my News Feed. I used to think everyone–particularly young women–should live life the way I saw fit: get a degree or two, get a career, get some experience, get married, get kids, get … Continue reading

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