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I know what you’re wondering:

How did Bethy’s no-TV-watching and bikram-yoga month going? Well, the former went pretty great. The latter? Not so great. It was pretty easy to avoid watching television. Partially because October was a busy month, and partially because I quickly substituted … Continue reading

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Marathon Mix

In case you didn’t know, I ran a marathon last Sunday. I could tell you about finally seeing the finish line come into view after 26 miles. Or about how amazing it felt to cross the finish line at 4 … Continue reading

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Marathon Training: Week One Recap

I must admit, it’s been several months since I’ve been running regularly.  I’ve been working other parts of my body and on strength and cardio.  I needed a break from running, honestly.  And now, I’m back.  The race in October … Continue reading

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Day One.

I’m waiting for my dough to rise for my artisan bread, so I figured I’d post. It’s day one of marathon training.  DAY ONE.  Thus begins an 18-week journey.  I’m using one of Hal Higdon’s marathon training schedules.  (Yikes.  I … Continue reading

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